Tuesday, March 15, 2011

About the Blog / Press Release

This blog is basically dedicated to me only and everyone related to me...so it would be going to contain the things for which i am known ranging from technology to philosphy to everything i like and may be something about love also....

This blog started somewhere around 2009 when i read a blog of my friend 'Arpit Gaur' and thought to start my own.

It has been an amazing journey for me and it has helped me both internally and externally ..A person like who has never shared anything about him to the other person including His friends, through this blog i was able to share a lot more than i thought in the starting.

It also helped me to connect to so many people ..which i couldn't ever imagine also.

I have also improved my English over the period of time and now when i read my starting articles ,it somehow feels how my friends used to read these articles ,so once again 'Hats off to all you friends and readers of tinkerer.co.nr'

A Brief Profile of Me:-

Prashant Agarwal currently pursuing Teach For India Fellowship and teaching 2nd Grade in Pune, is a person who is keenly interested in Social Entrepreneurship, Education and Current Issues. He did his M.B.A. From D.C.E. and has done internship with UWC Mahindra, Riverside, Creya Learning, Noored Kooli and an internship with Pradan whereby creating a complete Salary Structure and H.R. practices for their Poultry Business in Kesla (M.P.). He also organized a Donation Camp in D.T.U. in Collaboration with ‘Goonj’ and ‘Joy of Giving’.  He was the Fellow of Stanford-A.S.E.S. -2010 and selected for TATA jagriti Yatra-2010. His hobbies include Reading, Running and cycling.

Media Coverage of Articles:-

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