Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why should we be careful while using those three magical words ‘ I love you’

As it has been already stated ‘magical’ so definitely something happens when these three words are spoken to some other person, but two instances are most common:-
1st Instance
Boy to Girl:-’I love you! dear’
Girl to Boy:-What!
Boy to Girl:-That,i love you. I love your smile, the way you talk and would like to live with..........
Girl Interrupts:- We are just good friends and i have never thought like that for you, and how could u do so....and run away

2nd Situation:-
Boy to Girl:-Hey ‘I love you! Jaan’
Girl to Boy:- Can’t you be somehow romantic
Boy holding Girl’s hand:- You have the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen, whenever i sit with you all my fears vanish and i would like to spend rest of my life with.......
while the girl start running while speaking....I do love you too...

I do know there can be thousand other instances/situations like where the girl loves your best friend or girl says I am suffering from TB and my life is left for very short span.....or anything but here in this article we would be using the two most common instances which i am sure you all must have faced in someway or the other.

Ok now, these two instances shows the ‘Magic’ of these magical words but has anyone thought ‘What are its ramifications .
The boy in the first instance would now start drinking blaming the girl(which is not correct) and surely he would not remain friend with the girl as in the past....Sorry! you poor chap...

In the 2nd instance, the boy would be roaming more with this girl of his dreams ,taking her to parks, restaurants while making future plans and feeling happy of being accepted by the beautiful girl.
But now, he has started spending less time with his hostel mates,friends and also started staying in hostel on the weekends . He also have to report daily to the girl and worst part 'He is now committed and can't see other girls...
His friends have started calling him by that girl name and his parents have started questioning his subtle change in his priorities.
So,don't you think things would have been better for both if they hadn't used the three magical words 'I love you' and also then they don't have to accept the whole lot of miseries and responsibilities that come along with it.
Saying 'I love you' is like standing on the cliff which is too steep on one side and there is a ravine on the other.
So if you are rejected you fall directly into the ravine and your story ends on the other side 'if you are lucky' and the girl accept your proposal, you experience extreme pleasure like when a kid rolls down the steep slope of the hill but he forgets that to again enjoy this happiness he has to move back to the top of the mountain which would be difficult and cumbersome.

Ok! i do know that you all must be knowing many friends of yours who have used these words and some of you use these magical words because of your insecurity that 'If you don't use it someone else will and would fly away with your girl'.

And if that girl was so impatient that she couldn't understand your love also and accepted some one else proposal just because you didn't proposed, so dear don't waste your precious emotions. There is a beautiful quote which says 'If something/Someone is leaving you, let her leave you; Because, it was truly yours only if it comes back to you else it was never yours.'
Secondly, do leave this job of expressing 'I love you' to your eyes and body posture as they do a better job in communicating emotions than the 'mouth'.

P.S.:- Written from a boy's perspective and this article is not written to hurt any feelings or emotions and if you feel hurt ,plz let me know.
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  1. well welll welll dat can b one way of seeing things :) everythng has pros n cons so to some extent I agree with you mate :) :) love is not easy n at d same tym it's the best feeling in the world ...

  2. This shows boys can never be happy...
    If they dnt get d gal they think dey r losers..
    if dey get a gal too easily (as here in case 2), they think that they are making huge sacrifices fr d gal :p :p
    They want to have to pass the exams n dnt want to study 4 it :p :p :p
    HUH!!! Lazy!!

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  4. @deepti:- I totally agree with you on the statement 'love is not easy n at d same time it's them best feeling in world'

    @ mini:-Wow! i never thought to receive such a comment on this post as i didn't wrote it from winner or loser perspective,but no issues .I just wish your boyfriend is not reading this . By the way, your studies comment looks more like a compliment proving the intelligence of the boys...

  5. I love you bolna is not a child play...

    It took me 21 years to say.. But when I first said it, I was on phone, but believe me, my heart beat was going too high...

    but it is a great pleasure to say I love you to the person you want to be forever and to receive I love you from the same person...

    The feeling is just unexpressible...