Wednesday, June 3, 2009 great........

love is great........

i can say those three words 1000 times but still i can't measure it's greatness...for me it's the deepest ocean a men can ever explore, it is the biggest mountain a men can ever climb i would say and it's the most sacred feeling anyone can ever have.

i thought i know love....but now listening to some of my friends love stories..i again got confused ..and realised that i may never be able to completely define what's love truly is.....

But i found some pt's interesting about being in love..which i thought to share with you....b'coz a person can say anything i.e. he has never loved ,or he would never love...but its a virus which has not spared anyone and in one way or the other everyone has got infected by love...and if you have never felt love in your life then i can only say that you are missing a very important part of being existence....

Before writing anything...i have to tell all my readers that i am naive in this field..but i am just trying to understand the most difficult problem of this planet....

The pt's i am going to write is just from listening to some of my friends stories and some my own experience .....but  i can definitely say one thing "Every love story creates it's own unique can be curvy ,it can be straight....but it won't be same "

Love is a feeling which every philosopher at one pt of time tries to understand and many do thing they have understand it a bit but all do agree that love is vast as ocean in which you can travel for lifetime but still won't be able to find the start and the end....

Another great thing i found is...Love if it's true always produces good some form or the another...

And most important i don't know whether it's correct finding or not but love doesn't always need a just requires a faith ,a feeling ,a praise as a person has for almighty...

As a person has never seen a god ..but he always believed that he is always there for him...As he has never met him ..but always feels he knows what he has to say to him.....

I believe love would be something like this...where your every direction leads you to the correct path...irrespective of which path u choose...b'coz it's being directed by love ..or i would say directed by the almighty god himself..b'coz prayer to god is done in it's best form in the form of love only.

So everyone out there who is in love...feel great that you are a part of god's greatest gift and do respect it...and others who are still waiting for their love....believe me till that time god is taking care of you and he loves u the most....So u are also in the category of being loved and loving someone..


  1. Hey Prashant I agree wid u.....u hv very beautifully defined the LOVE...

    Love is patient, love is kind. It has no envy, nor it boasts itself and it is never proud.

    Centuries have passed by but still no one can give the proper definition of love.

    Yes! rght dear -The depth of love can not be measured.
    I can say Love can be created. You just need to focus on the goodness of the other person. If this can be done easily, then you can also love easily...

  2. Hey Prashant...Good work buddy..Nicely executed your feeling...
    I really like the way u correlated love with God..its very true..
    Keep writing...and keep enriching us with your thoughts..

  3. well written.. love indeed is sumthng that hasn't spared any living creature under the sun.. we can see it spreading in every form of life, around us, everywhere.

    we too r bitten by love.. :)

  4. @deepika...thanks for enhancing the article...dear...

    @neha...i don't believe i have to correlate the god with the love..b'coz what i believe is love is a form of god only...what do you say..

    @arpit...everyone is bitten by love and let me tell you..that it's great to be in love while sometimes we may felt love has betrayed us ..but if love is true after sepration also it's there to support you

  5. dil jeet leeta yaar
    article was touching
    hope i cld learn sumthng
    its true we all frnds are biteen badly by luv
    aur iske injection bhi nahi aate...:(

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  7. every coin has two sides...... this one is no different..... the darker side is ugly..... u have'nt seen it yet...... and its gud for u

  8. @anshul :-thanks anshul for such a lovely comment ....yaar but i have to say onething i really don't think that everyone is bitten by love thing it's just that "girne walle ko ek shaare ka tinka hi kaafi hota hain"
    so anyone giving a smile at us we think it as love

    @robin bhaya :-first of all thanks for your valuable time..and i guess u deleted something ,waise bhaya i experienced a lot may be not the feeling u have...but bhaya i can say onething if that feeling is true from ur side it would definately leave u stronger at the end of the day...

  9. thanks everyone for reading my blog..infact i have written some more articles on same topics in section of boys and girls...i believe u all would definately like that

  10. awesome prashant :) :) I agree to wateva u wrote :) well although I am in second category but I still feel God IS DERE n taking care of me more dan me :D :D

  11. @anonymous:-i am really happy u liked it and also bit surprised that you are in 2nd category..waise i am also in the same category...