Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trapasso-A Fashion Show

----Walk the Walk

Trapasso (or transition), as the name says, was a platform for all aspiring models. It was open to all students from various colleges and was organized for the first time in Engifest 2011. It was held in two stages and it was completely managed by the students of D.T.U. and the Elite Model Management, India. Trapasso saw the participation of more than 12 colleges from D.U., I.P. and D.T.U.

As the Event promised to capture the imagination of one and all, and looking at the performance of the participants, the judges and the noise of the crowd. I think TRAPASSO has done its job and set standards for the next year.

I myself wanted to get into modeling but was never able to clear the preliminary round so I thought today to have a vicarious experience and so I posed some questions to the judges, to the organizers and the participants.

All the participants were quite excited to be a part of Trapasso and for most of them the definition of Glamour was just ‘Fun, lights, excitement and power’ and everyone wants to have a career in it. But when I posed a question i.e. ‘if Elite Academy offers you a modeling contract right away for 2yrs and says for this you have to leave your studies for this, what will be your stand’ and interestingly 6 out of 9 opted to continue their studies and out of three who opted for leaving the studies 2 were girls and the single boy who agreed was still somehow reluctant saying, he has to have the final call from his parents.

I posed a question regarding the arrangements and the conduct of Elite Modeling and everyone answered positively saying they are happy with it but one girl who complained about the eve-teasing which happened to her before the event.
            Talking more about the participants Nitika, a participant also told us about her passion for modeling that whenever in canteen she used to ask her friends to comment on her walk and she also watches most of the time the Modeling shows on Television. Asking Shruti about her feeling, one of the participants from D.C.E. who couldn’t make it to the final level, she couldn’t hide her disappointment and said ‘She doesn’t know about others but she should have been in the 3rd Round’. One more interesting insight was the turn up of Engineers for this modeling Contest and I think that Aamir in 3’idiot’s part-2 would definitely comment on it ‘After engineering why modeling’.
            When I posed the question of the turn up of Engineers in Modeling to Judges they told me that ‘they are also bit surprised by the trend whereby more and more engineers are turning up for Modeling contests and Television Shows’ .As a fact two of the Trapasso Judges itself were doing their Engineering, Kirti from JIIT and Nikhil from Amity and truly when I looked them for the 1st time they were from no angle looking like Engineers. (Please don’t take me wrong)
            Pertaining to the question of ‘Social taboos and the parents perception of Modeling’ Rachna Dayal, Head HR of Elite Modeling told me that ‘they try to carry the parents simultaneously with the future of the students and parents in most of the cases are well informed of every decision their student are taking, they also try to remove the taboos by keeping some ethics and moral in Elite Modeling and a past record of 10 years.

Organizers were really happy with the way the event was turnout and talking to Shivank a 2nd yr student of D.C.E. who was handling the laptop and sound told me that it was great fun both ‘Organizing and watching the Event.’

At last, I just have to say it was a great event …and Hats off to whole TRAPASSO Organizing Team, judges and the Participants.

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  1. Beautifully written Prashant. I can notice that you have regained your lost touch and I am happy to see you on-board. I am sure it must have been a nice experience to be a part of the team organizing and managing such an event and to meet the aspiring models face to face and to get to know them better. I am happy to read that the majority of those who were put to choose one out of studies or modelling career, gave preference to studies over modelling, because to be academically sound is a very vital factor to succeed in any career, be it modelling.

  2. and BDW there are no pics of this fashion show on ur picasa gallery.

  3. Hi arpit...first of all thanks for reviewing the don't how much i value your views.
    Secondly, i am sorry for not been able to upload the pictures yesterday..but now they have been uploaded the link is.