Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Interesting Business Venture……

P.H.D.- Party Hard Drivers was stared in 2007 by Ankur Vaid ,Saurabh Shah and Mishal Raheja, three college pass out lads who like others college students  loved to party and enjoy the city’s buzzing nightlife. But then something struck them ,it was the rising number of accidents due to drunk drivers in the City and they thought to convert their interest into profession by giving a service whereby people can hire drivers for these specific situations.
One thing which really helped them during their initial years a lot was the Mumbai Police which was really doing a great job at cracking down on drunk driving and which lead to people seriously consider the option of Drivers rather than themselves driving the cars.

(PHD) works with one Motto ‘you drink but let us drive’ and the reason of their venture success is their belief in ‘No driving while drinking’. For the last three new years the PHD people are doing a great job to keep the city safe.

Their company provides chauffeur service for clients to be driven home after a night of hard clubbing, and PHD is really doing a good business and that’s the reason it is able to expand just from 20 drivers to 200 now. For a little sum of 500, the PHD driver will drive you from 10 PM to 3 AM and 50 overtime, in simple words more the party more the investment and thus more fun without any danger.

But PHD do have its share of difficulties in the form of completion by big players like knight drivers, private cabs, personal drivers and other organized industry.

PHD is working in a service industry and looking at their example I can only comment one thing ‘your idea should be very simple and you should have the passion to go for it’.If you have passion then I am sure you will find a niche market for yourself same like Vaid ,Saurabh Shah and Mishal Raheja have find it in their venture.

PHD is still operating in Mumbai only but they are thinking to expand it in our metropolitan cities in near future.

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  1. Simple Idea, great execution.... people can draw inspiration from such a venture...

  2. @ankit:- very true...infact i would say Execution is the most important part of making any business venture successful..