Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Solving a very difficult riddle …Do help me out

God made three kinds of people:-some beautiful, some not so beautiful and some ugly and whenever we are given the choice we always choose the first option irrespective of how that person is at heart.

I do guess that at some point or the other boys must have faced the dilemma that first they never find beautiful girl alone and when they move with their friends most of the time in groups of 2 or max 3, they find that beautiful girl is with a ugly girl/not so beautiful girl and we always want to talk to beautiful girl without considering that may the other girl is the most beautiful girl at heart and may be this ‘so called beautiful’ is not so beautiful at heart; but who cares and we try our luck on the beautiful one only, right! And as we try, the first one to respond to our conversation is that other girl and she is again the first one to give us smile and sometimes also helps us in linking up with the so called ‘beautiful girl’ may be because she thinks that this boy may be able to see her real beauty or may be she thinks that this boy knows the real meaning of true beauty.


            Now ,I just want to pose a question at this point is ‘How that ‘not so beautiful’ girl feels when she knows that every boy who approaches is for her friend and her friend is in so much popular just because of her outer beauty. Don’t they consider it unfair …?

            I know it may sound useless or irrelevant to most of us, as we are technical geeks but my friends the biggest riddle for the greatest scientist is also to ‘Add just 1% of human emotions in machines’ and I do believe that till the time we don’t care about the other fellow feelings, no one would care about ours.

            Now at the end, I do know that still we may not be able to get the complete answers, but I think we also don’t want to seek all the answers (As in Science and similarly with girls this suspense element is the one which keeps us glued to them and attracts us again and again to them)
Note: - This article is completely my personal opinion and you are free to reject, accept and comment on this...

Writing the 2nd Part: - Boys Innocent feelings which girls never understand….


  1. this is just so true :) i have suffered from dis since long tym :) :) i supaa agree :D