Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Day before the Valentine

You must have guessed the day, yes it’s 13th and today is Sunday .Whenever this 14th Feb comes I start planning one week before hoping that I would be having some true friend with whom I can spend my time on 14th . But for waiting that true(she) friend I have wasted more than 14 years but still waiting for her..But, truly no probs as people say that ‘it always time to ripe a fruit’ ,so may be…

This time also I had some girls in my mind with whom I would have loved to spend my time, but I was knowing many of their responses like ‘Prashant! Why Me’ , ‘I am already going out with someone’ or ‘I don’t go out on 14th’ .Wow! great and fearing these stupid questions and the rejection part I didn’t called anyone. But I made a plan lets spend this Sunday i.e. 13th with my pals .

So I gave them a call on 12th and everyone agreed(How easily they agreed ,I hope girls also understand that boy and girl can also be good friends) and we made a plan to meet at Connaught place.

But, God has thought something else for us only; I was just having my breakfast when I received a sms in which it was written ‘Congratulations! You have a couple ticket to 13th Feb TOI ‘Aman Ki Asha’ Concert.

Wow! But the ticket is just for 2 and I have invited four friends and they would just kill me if I just hinted them also about dropping today’s plan. I also thought to give a call to some girl and take her to the concert, but then I was knowing their stupid questions which would really be difficult for me to handle.

So, I decided ‘Kuch Na kuch toh ho hi jayega’ and I made a duplicate SMS the story of which is a different story in Itself but we were able to fool TOI and get entry to the Concert (all 4 of us)

It was a concert by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and a Pakistan Singer. We sang with them, we danced or I should say we literally rocked with was awesome and I never realized how the time flung away till I saw my watch striking 9 p.m. and everyone of us realized their office and college Schedule for the Monday.

We travelled the Metro while still mesmerized in the Ehsaan Songs and when I think back, I realize that I would have never been able to enjoy so much as with my friends if I was with some girl.

So for me Valentine is a day to celebrate with friends and have a good time (irrespective of girl or boy) and I wish that some girls(beauty with brain) combination. ya! I know it’s difficult to find ..But just Hoping….

Happy Valentine to all of You
Prashant Agarwal

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  1. Good one :) I enjoyed reading it
    Have a happy valentines day and week;)