Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two things you should never do together

Let me first give you a warning before starting writing this :- I myself can never imagine that this can the two things we should never do together but here, writing this entry I am really serious and if you don’t believe me try it yourself and face the consequences which I am facing still yet.

There can be many things on your mind which you must be thinking :-Studying and drinking, drinking and driving, loving girlfriend and wife together, traveling in two boats together, watching a girl while with other etc.(But these are one we all know and I tell you that most of the above state factors may cause you disruption physically only but which I am telling you will definitely hamper your mental, and please take my advice :- Don’t try it anywhere…..

3 days before I went to my college library and I was searching some books from the old section(I tell you these sections are the most interesting as the best books and the limited edition books are hidden here only in the hope that no one would visit here) but who knows there are always few maverick like me . When I came across two books lined together,from which one was “I shall not hear the nightingale” by Khuswant Singh 1959 edition and other was a pretty new one of “A biography of Swami Vivekananda” by Gautam Ghosh of 2002 edition. Both are great books, so I picked both.

As I sat on my study table to study I decided to read Khuswant Singh first as I have read his earlier book “ A train to Pakistan” and it’s really a well written book for everyone to read and I tell you that when you start reading a Khuswant Singh and then you just can’t stop yourself from reading this “Sanki Mans writing” how he tells the intricacies of Indians’ home and his antidote’s of sex in between is mind-boggling . I can say to this extend that this “Sanki “ is better than all the novels written of shidney Sheldon I have read. Khuswant singh you really know how to describe the deepest feeling's of persons.

Next day I promised myself I won’t read this novel in the morning but as I say once you start you can’t stop nor I so I finished some more chapters of it and left a small part of novel for the evening and that’s where I made a mistake,now i believe i should have completed it in the morning.

In evening very eagerly I sat at my study table to end this great novel and as it always happens with every great novel I read it very fast and finished before dawn.

So, I thought to read something else when I got my eyes got fixed at the cover of the book “the Biography of Swami Vivekananda “and his erect posture so I picked it up. It started telling me about the philosophies of Swamiji, his family, his educational background and his views of Bharamcharya. What? Hey I just read Khuswant Singh whereas on one side he says to 'don’t spare a single day without having fun', the other book is describing the opposite end that’s also by a person whom I and everyone respects so much . He says “Swamiji used to believe that if a person strictly follows the Bharamcharya than he can retain everything just by looking at it once, he can memorize every parable he listens” Oh great, so now I know the benefits of both the things and that’s also from their masters while one side there is Khuswant Singh and on the other its Swami Vivekananda. Now whom to listen.

I read it just for 40 or 45 min, you must be knowing how these biographies are written when I got up from my study table to get some air but thoughts start flowing and I only know what a turbulent felling I had at that time in my brain. I felt like I made a big mistake by reading this “sanki Khuswant Singh” and I shouldn’t have read it, but he is a great writer knowing how to keep the interest and curiosity of the reader going and it’s ok if he uses Fun to make it effective.

But, then I won’t be able to have photogenic memory and I am not taking Swami ji seriously. After lot’s of these fights I finally decided that mistake is not in reading the novels but that they should have been read at different time intervals so both of them do not clash.

If you are a voracious reader, you must be knowing what effects these books have on the reader. So, I believe you must have understand what two things I want to convey and you all must be laughing because if someone has suggested this to me I would also have definitely laughed .

But Be cautious and do take seriously, I am again warning you, as I don’t want you to experience the same turmoil in your head which I felt .

Finally remember this great saying “A great person is not one who does everything on his own but one who learns from other’s person experience and don’t commit the mistake they did”

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