Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Review-Losing My Virginity

‘It’s Richard Branson for you’, But after Completing his entire novel, I am still confused who he is but I can be certain that Richard would also be confused if someone would ask him about his next business Venture.

  But, I do understand something from his novel “Losing My Virginity” which I believe would interest you all. Richard form his first Venture ‘Student’ loved what he did and he used to get completely engrossed in it, he would always know what he was doing and where he wants to see the Virgin, he used to take every step while thinking about Virgin and just to create a strong brand out of it.

  If you see the Brand Value of ‘Virgin’ and the time it took to build it in comparison to the other brands, then you will realize that it was all due to his sheer vision and willpower that has made Virgin what it is today, you can call him maverick, an exceptional but whatever he is, he just want to take Virgin into every business and then make it the best.

  His vision is simply to offer value for money and a product which a customer requires, which entrusted him to enter virtually every field from Magazine ‘Student’ , Movies, Radio-‘Virgin-Radio’, jeans-‘Virgin-jeans’, Cola-‘Virgin’, Airlines, Communications and many other.

  But, Richard is also very conservative when it comes to his family; he loves them a lot and wants a normal life for them thus keeping them away from the press and publicity. He also loves his parents and friends a lot which I believe is also an ingredient for his magnificent success, because without the support and belief of theirs, he would never be able to enter his first balloon flight, sell virgin music or fight Lord King, the former Chairman of British Airlines.
‘Don’t be evil’ it is a Google punch line, but Richard knows what does it actually mean and it’s value for virgin and himself. Over his entire career he has tried to keep it clean and whenever someone tried to besmirch it, he has gone to great lengths to clear his name.

But, Yes there one section which clearly disappointed me in this novel i.e. there are no points or concepts teaching the way to become the next Richard, how he have gone from rages to riches, But as  Richard says there isn’t any magical formula and if you really want to get successful then “you just have to get your feet’s in the mud and get them dirty, you may be criticized or you may be said maverick but you should have faith in yourself and what you are doing irrespective of the world”.

  In the end I have just one sentence to say – Go rock the world and the world would be yours for ever.

  And yes, do read this maverick person novel to understand a completely new way of doing Business and living Life.