Friday, June 18, 2010


i just finished reading a novel by Mainak Dhar,of IIM fame and attending a conclave on the topic of "Innovation"
In that conclave ,they were certain about one thing that if riding one wave made a particular surfer popular,then there is very little chance that the same act would make the following surfers also popular and that to the same extend; they have to bring some change or reorient the model,to gain success.
Chetan Bhagat an IIT & IIM alumnus was the first indian Engineer Writer who by his simple language connected to the masses and made it big in writing business.
And it started a new type of writing Craze,Many followed in his steps i.e. Anything for you ma'am, ofcourse i love you, Heartbreaks & dreams, Mixo-logy, Nothing for you ma'am. Some were good, some were average but to my knowledge no one made to the next level.
Mixo-logy is a novel by Mainik Dhar with a cheesy Punchline "what Bartending teaches that IIM doesn't" this is what attracted me to read this novel, but it was another blot in the same series of novel which still believes that we Indians take anything that's written by an IIM or IIT irrespective of whether it's with logic or not.
Writer,Mainik has tried ot bring crispiness by not describing the college life which every 2nd novel does but the aftermath of college life,job life and this novel has very little scope for sex and his girlfriend.
This novel starts with an IIM passout graduate working in an MNC in mumbai, the protagonist was very happy to get this job during his college days but now only after 2 years ,he feel dissatisfied as he is not left with much time to devote to his passion and his days start with wishing his boss 'Prakash' mood is good.
His dissatisfied is described for 1/3rd part of the novel when due to recession company announces a voluntary retirement policy paying an advance of 24 months, when he starts contemplating his options .
But he couldn't decide and while coming back from friends party he met an accident.
Now, this is the pt where writer takes us to a fairy tale making us believe that god do make mistakes by sometimes giving death early then registered and then he reconciles his mistakes by allowing you to use a console which can show you different plots of your life .
Half of the novel is based in heaven, which is described quite elaborately by author where heaven is technology savvy and keep changing with the latest fashion and here's the author realizes that he shouldn't focus on a certain aspect of his life, but should make time available for every aspect of his life; so if you fail in one field, you know there are others options to encourage you.
The book ends with protagonist being more happy on marrying the love of his life, completing his novel and taking less burden of his job.
But still I am confused 'Why Mixo-logy' may be b'coz the author beforehand read 4-5 novels and produced a fresh new copy, and secondly i am confused why the punch line 'What Bartending teaches that IIM doesn't' here he must be signaling towards connecting with God, B'coz my vicarious experiences i know after drinks people do connect directly to heaven/Gods.
so, I would suggest go buy this novel or borrow it from your friend(as i usually do) if you have plenty of time or you have to travel in Delhi by bus or our IRCTC, and only if you have plenty of time and want a light novel to waste it.

Disclaimer:- Above written article is only a form of my opinion regarding Mixo-logy, and if it matches your opinion then it would not be a coincidence by a thoughtful attempt by writer by writing such a great novel

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