Sunday, March 7, 2010

When failing became the biggest lesson

When failing became the biggest lesson

Recently, there was a B-plan event being organized in my college, I was very excited for presenting my B-plan but on the final day I came to know that my entry was rejected, I was dejected to hear the news but I thought there must be some fault in my plan and I need more partners to really know it’s intricacies, so I thought to present it in my class.

I was bit terrified on presenting it in front of 62 students, but I gathered courage and started my presentation, 4 min was still running when one start asking about profit part, I asked him to have patience but other’s started losing theirs and in the 10th min, they started leaving the class.

Except 3-4, no one came to encourage me, but people went on to say that my project was not feasible, they started making fun of me in mess for making such a useless B-plan.
I was just thinking to drop this plan when I came to know about another competition where I can present my B-plan and reluctantly I submitted it.

Few days later I had a call that my B-plan has been selected and my presentation is next day, I was excited and terrified at same time.

D-day, and I came to know that I would be the first to present, I started my presentation and kept on going for 10 min ,judges really gave me a sound listening , they raised some questions which I promptly answered.

Other B-plan really interesting, and I was sure that I won’t be able to bag a prize but I was happy for judges appreciating my idea and finally the results was announced and I came 1st ,It was just unbelievable.
For the 1st time I understood the meaning of phrase “The real happiness comes from doing what other people say you can’t do”.

I also know my friends that there are many experiences of you in same context ,so if you can do add up some of your experiences it would definitely make this post most lively

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