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A typical day on 2nd October

A typical day on 2nd October

I believe what I would be writing would relate to any college going sophomore, we wait eagerly for 2nd October, (hey don’t start thinking that to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi Sacrifices or His birth anniversary) but, so we can avail an extra holiday.

I personally believe that we may had forgot what 2nd October holds for us or what significance this day in our freedom movement ,if our politicians have not brouhaha the newspapers showing their purloin dedication to Ghandiji principles.

It was a normal morning to me, getting up and looking in newspaper for some Crispy headlines when I found out that today is a also a birthday of an another eminent personality of our country shri ‘Lal Bahadar Shastri’ but he was not given his due recognition but one advertisement in the complete newspaper, this in reality shows that we are not concerned with the efforts of individual but everyone is just trying to maximize his popularity with a brand which is more known and have a great impact on public.

I went to have my breakfast and as today was the holiday, I went to my new M.B.A. chum’s room, it’s 9.00 A.M. but he is still sleeping but in the meantime I was leaving three other friends join me and I blithely told them that ‘today is a great day as it’s mahatma Gandhi birthday’ and looking at their expression I realized that somehow I have entered enemies territory.

I do sometimes think whether Pakistanis also hate ‘Jinnah ‘ so much, if yes then we should exchange our leaders because looking at recent events ,jaswant Sinha book , my friends views’ and reading a editorial in a national newspaper I am somehow convinced that Jinnah would found some more true followers than Ghandiji.

My all friends were so pugnacious that without me giving some counter view, they told me some 100 negative points about Ghandiji, few of which are worth mentioning are 1. He was the cause of death of a great leader ’Bhagat Singh’

2. We got independence not due to Mahatma Gandhi but due to the WWII. 3. This one is most ingenious i.e. Nathuram Godsy wrote some 300 page memoirs which were never published? Why? And the answer they gave because it was depicting true Mahatma...

I do have to say people have become aficionado when it comes to belittle Ghandiji .I have learned over a period of time that whenever u get trapped in such a ludicrous argument, you should keep yourself silent.

Somehow, the argument settled down, now comes the time to turn to today’s programmed (it has already been 10.30 a.m. and they all don’t want to waste this extra holiday while being in hostel). So one said he would spend whole day while sleeping, one suggested to go for a new movie’ Wake up Sidd’ when another friend join him that after that they can go to booze... (I reminded that it’s dry day.) they gave me an answer that’s why they are drinking today. It’s more fun to drink on dry day… One friend made plans to visit his relatives place ,so everyone is really deeply concerned about this auspicious day and have plans ready for it except me(My plans are always the same (quite boring type)) but I too would be having some extra sleeping hours.

In the evening, I came to know that one of my room-mate who has absconded from the morning has gone to a mall and the mall was jam-packed.

My day ended like an ordinary day and I really don’t think that someone may have praised Ghandiji before sleeping for its efforts (not I including).

3rd Oct, (just one more thought I want to share with you, I know that it must have became a tome to read this article) I read an view of Shashi Tharoor i.e. , ‘Ghandi Jayanti should not be a holiday’ he favored his point by saying that we should give an extra day of work on 2nd so as to give true homage to Ghandiji ‘ I personally believe that it may be a better idea to give a homage to a leader who has always proclaimed his work as his god.

I know that many of you may not engross my idea. But diversification leads to beautification…

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