Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guest lecture on Change Management

Guest lecture on Change Management

9th October, 2009 this is the day when the students of Delhi School of Management organized a guest lecture on Change Management by Surender Kumar. It was really a great experience to interact with such an eminent personality of industry; he has held various positions in industry retired from the Member of Board, Ordinace Factory Services. He is also an alumni of DCE of 1973 batch.

It was really a interactive session which kept all the students engrossed in the lecture .It was started by our Honourable Vice Chancellor P.V.Sharma, who enlighten us by telling that India lays a great emphasis on elephants and today is moving with the same enthusiasm and will to change the world and we should all incorporate our self in this change.

Then Prof S.k.Garg, Head of M.B.A. dep’t, highlighted the point that the only thing that is constant in this life is change only; and change should always occur for a good cause. He told that ‘If the change is managed and properly directed it always lead in a better direction otherwise its just like a boat in a middle of a river without no handles to control it’s direction. In this regard he cited the example of the ongoing change in environment.

Then the Speaker of the day, Surender Kumar, started the presentation by sharing his experiences and telling about the basics of change, he asked us to put ourselves in the position of Managers and see why the change failed in various situations provided by him to us. It really helped us to learn the fact that’ stakeholders should always first appreciate the change’. Change should be clearly defined from top to bottom (to each individual in an organization) and in today’s scenario it’s also important to include society in your efforts.

Then we discussed two Case Studies one of Ordinance Cable Factory(OCFC) and second of Indian Railways Turnaround, both were explaining how change should occur and how the change managers can facilitate a smooth transition .One important point which the case highlighted was ‘Incentives for change need not always be monetary. Managers must be passionate’.

We, the students of DSM believe that it has really helped us to understand the intricacies of Change Management.

We look forward for more of such interactions with such imminent personality so that we can learn from their experiences and able to bring a controlled and positive change which we want to see in this world.

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