Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a typical day in delhi bus

A typical day in a Delhi bus

I was sitting idle daydreaming about my royal palace and my regal treatment, when I thought, to write…but what to write…? There isn’t anything interesting, but then a point click and how can I miss it till now…

About a typical day in a Delhi bus one would definitely spurt out that if you really want to write about a Delhi experience why not write about a ‘ World Class Delhi metro’ experience why about a Delhi bus.

I would say that Delhi metro can definitely give u a fascinating or I it can say an anachronistic experience but still it’s not as romantic as a bus service.

When you see a Delhi bus, your senses on their own imbibe that there whole potential would be needed at once, because buses stop for a blink, at a bus stop and started pulling them away may be they wants to make marathon runners out of average Delhi commuters.
And to your amazement, it has succeded somehow as you regularly find people catching a bus when it is at speed of 20-25 kmph. So don’t be surprised if you find Indian’s breaking parallel world records in marathon and 100 m races….

You enter the bus looking for a place to firmly place your butt, but like regular days there are no seats for you to avail.

You stand tilting yourself to a pole of daydreaming when you will reach your destination while sitting on these luxurious seats of buses…aha..!

And voila! Women got up from her seat and before she can also get out of her seat you realized it’s a do or die situation and you like the biggest misanthrope rush to the seat without caring for your fellow passenger.

You sit like you have owned a seat in the cabinet and start pushing the window to its extreme when another passenger interrupt you and make you realize of his presence.

But you still enjoy the breeze of air flowing and touching your face while the bus keeps on rolling like an ‘elephant in jungle’. You look at the pathetic conditions of all the people standing and consider yourself ‘lucky’ enough to get the seat.

Just then, the bus stops and you see a beautiful women approaching you, without thinking about her intentions you start smiling thinking may be today in really your lucky day, when she says “ Bhaya ! Please leave this seat”

You look all around thinking why she has only approached you and then she notifies you that it’s a ‘Ladies seat’. And in an instant from a gynaephile, you become a misogynist standing up and speaking sarcastically ‘Enjoy’.
You are again back on the same pole, tilting and thanking the government that it doesn’t own the “TATA’ corporation otherwise bus would definitely been seen tumbled over road when it’s overloaded.

In the meantime, the conductor notices you and asks you for your ticket saying “Is this your father’s bus service that you are enjoying a free ride, it cost money, son” You headed him the money and again stood by the pole again looking for someone to empty his/her seat…

But, to you disappointment no one gets up and your destination comes, you try to make way for through that fraces thinking that this bus struggle thing is over for you and if you will again get inside a bus then first you would sit near a seat around window.
But till today that day has not arrive, may be tomorrow.

Note: - the place where I am residing, the metro hasn’t reached here, so a bus service is our only traveling option.

(Dedicated to my all fellow passengers whose sweat smell and smoke fumes are still in my nose).

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  1. brilliantly written... i can notice a drastic and commendable improve in ur writing skills, i must say....
    in addition to that, i just love the description that you have made and the fantastic vocabulary that you have used.. keep up the good work..