Monday, March 30, 2009

2nd day and it's gone

i joined a company UEI global for a part time job on 28th march,09 ..i was so eager that i said that i would take up any job and they offered me a role of marketing ..
basically i opted for the job b'coz there were two beutiful ladies..and i thought i can interact with them during working hours .i thought i can do that..but then they told me that i have to stand from 9 to 5 and interact with student's and tell them about the UEI ,i conceived it a boring and conventional method of marketing which don't works now..
in the evening after the 1st day i perceived that by this job i would also not able to interact with them but i would lose my studies also and this job is not for i told them that i would not be going out .and they should use my service in a better manner..
on 30th when i went there..i was again told that i have to do that 9 to 5 job..i thought what can't they understand my language as i told them that i won't be able to work in that my studies are most important ..i told them again and now what you expect..
ya ..they said became the center head .(in my heart i wish to so i can openly flirt with those two ladies)but i know that answer would distrupt my further entry i preffered silent walking the lane..
and i am out of a job on my 2nd day..that's what i call a roller coaster ride..enjoy


  1. hahaha!...when u knew d obvious answer, u should have offered him to be chose as d centre head and den walk out!

  2. i can but i want to come back to meet those beutiful was really i tried to keep my options open