Sunday, March 29, 2009

it's a child world

today i went to big bazaar to some shopping or i should say window shopping literally...which i again found boring..and in this recession there was sale on every product...and every salesmen was saying it is just going to end which we both know wouldn't till this recession is there...
but there is one great thing ..i was there when i saw a girl of 5 or 6 walking with a teddy...she approched me ..and asked if i has saw her mother ,till the time i can reply she said "she believe her mother is lost"
i laughed a lot there...and when her mother came i told her also the incident and she also laughed a lot


  1. hi bro, i reaaly enjoyed reading dis particular entry..concise n compact. however i felt, u could have described more abt dat cute little gir

  2. hmm.. nice encounter... describe it a lil in detail.. it luks nice wen u come across such innocence in today's life....

  3. frm mathura i m fan of prashant

    he s d versatile personality i hve seen ever

    its a gud thing in a story how d nature of a person speaks a story.