Thursday, April 2, 2009

a new start

i would say a new plan(buisness plan) after getting failed many times...and my buisness instinct again and again scratching me do something..i thought about giving presentations in school ,about various techniques of management..but it's sound funny..same with the institutions and no one was ready to give me the opportunity ...
so i thought to start teaching computer..and by not asking them to come to my room but going to themm...and making a arrangement of 75-25 ration partnership b/w me and college..

i don't know whether i would be able to start the programme or not ...whether the student's would be happy with it or not..but i just know of keep moving..
waise in the meantime i also made one partner in the firm -my friend Ashish Chauhan ,in the ratio
of 30-70 between him and me ..we have also named the firm AMA(alchemy management Association) let's see where it would lead..

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  1. cool dude...i wish u all d best for ur startup.