Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why I hate to see the newspaper

My Parents used to tell me “Just work hard for these early years (school years) and then you would never have to work hard for your entire life “. But, Truly speaking I was a bit of exception and didn’t really listened to them but after the 12th I really didn’t spare a single day and worked really hard, which do gave me satisfaction but then I couldn’t find a single day when I don’t have to work to earn my bread. So, it made me think ‘why my parents told me that statement or they just told me because my grandparents told them and they are still think that one day it would come true and thought to try on me’.

So, coming back to the topic “Why I hate to see the newspaper” So the reason is somehow similar that it makes me realize on daily basis of how wrong my parents were and how the god has planned the life for people like us.

The Newspaper make me realize that there is huge disparity being done directly by god while making people i.e. he has made two kinds of people one very lucky and one very unlucky. Also, as to make this joke more powerful/funny he said ‘I will also keep these fool’s in a dilemma that if you work hard one day you would surely come out of this unlucky people category to this amazing the lucky part ’. And then he laughed holding his tummy.

So, whenever I see the newspaper, I realize that we people are still in the same dilemma and whenever we are on the verge on realizing this dichotomy, the god suddenly realizes this and to prevent us from coming out of this dilemma, he transfers one or two from this unlucky category to this lucky category. Then whole media keeps on portraying about these few people for weeks till it get into the brain of every unlucky parent which again reinforce it in the brain of his child and make sure that his child get’s it to such a level that he is programmed to give the same examples to his own kids also.

But, you must be guessing who are these lucky people whom I hate so much. So these are the people whom my whole country loves indefinitely (sometimes more than their loved ones also) while completely knowing that these lucky people may not have even heard about them and may never recognizes them (Doesn’t it sound like some kind of true love or devotion) so it is. But, the joke doesn’t end here ….God also made sure that despite the slavery got over at most of the places on earth or despite god gave us brain, we would be accustomed to think irrationally, the way these lucky people wants us to think and we would always be like a blind follower to them. But who r these people….

So, these are the people whom you see regularly on the television/Newspapers (I would go to such an extend that I would say that these people cover somehow 80 % of the front page) but then blind devotion doesn’t have any limit. So for now they have come up with an extra supplement newspaper to show their photos, tell their news and help us to keep our faith strong towards them.

I am sure you must have guessed it till now, and if you haven’t then I can’t elaborate more about them they are the politicians and the superstars. But as the saying goes there is always a silver lining in every situation, So the good news in this situation is that God didn’t this act partiality i.e. the whole world has it’s lucky(film stars & politicians) and unlucky people(Middle class people) irrespective of the race, caste and creed…isn’t it great. So, we do have the same kind of following of actors and politicians all across the globe.

But then you would give me examples like Irfan Khan or Manoj Bajpao who have became actors without anyone’s support/backing but then this is it (you are again getting fooled), these are the same cases which the god does to reinforce that you really can go from the unlucky category to lucky category with the aid hard work and also to give your parents a chance to tell you ‘Beta! See we were right’ if you would have worked hard one more year than you would have surely be in the different league (lucky league)’ but then the question arises when r parents were so sure of this idiom why didn’t they followed it and came in the ‘lucky league’.

Because somehow there is one more joke planted by god in the unlucky people minds which says ‘ Whatever amount of money you give to your child but if he doesn’t know how to preserve it he will ruin everything’ which again is another statement which these newspaper proves wrong, While reinforcing the idea that ‘More the money the more the attraction ‘ & Money attracts money. So, once you get lucky just open a brand new showroom of Car for your son and there is a very dim probability that it would fail looking at the growing Car market in India.

So, through this article I would like to convey two messages, one to our naive parents and the other to the newspaper companies.

First to the newspaper owners, I sincerely request you to please stop giving the 80% of your space to this people because irrespective of how much we try we couldn’t ignore these people also plz plz plz stop the supplement called _________City which doesn’t have any city news except the glamour news. I am requesting them to stop circulating this, so that more & more people can realize this fundamental flaw in the idea of ‘Work hard, Be rich’.

Also, my second request is to our loving parents that if you really think that this idiom is correct, so please become our role model and work so hard that you can give us your own example which will really convey the message well and also at the same time we can have some fun.

Why So Serious….
Prashant Agarwal