Friday, May 11, 2012

The Final Conversation with Loki

You all must have watched the ‘Avengers’ by now and if you haven’t, go watch it. It’s a complete entertainer and I will further suggest that if you have an option to watch Avengers in 3-D then do go for 3D version as it do have the effects which can blow you off.

Ok, now let me come to the point. Let me deliver the final message of Loki to all the humankind but before that let me give a disclaimer: - I am just a messenger.

Last night the Loki came to my dream which may seem strange but then Loki do have strange power and he is from Asgard. In the dream he told me that Marvel didn’t show the last part of the movie where all the Avengers met with Nick Fury in the presence of Loki to discuss about the further steps and how to take care of the ‘Tesseract’ and also protect the Earth from further attack.

  He told me that marvel didn’t wanted to show it because it may really frighten the humanity, which is really not the aim of the Marvel.

So, here’s the brief of the discussion i.e. whatever I still remember after that horrific dream.

The Last Conversation

The discussion started with Nick Fury congratulating the Avengers for working as a team and again protecting the earth from mass destruction. He also told them that while the Senator’s would keep blaming them for the destruction (which they should ignore) people are congratulating them for their effort.

He also points out that after the destruction of Loki and the army of chitauri, there exist a very little possibility that any other race would ever think of attacking Earth and for now avengers can take rest.

At which the Loki started laughing while Thor become serious…

Everyone looked at Loki and asked for the reason of his smile & he said “Human race is still too naïve, with little experience and you really don’t know the vastness of space and what exists outside for you all” Thor was still looking serious.

He continued “ There are hundreds of races like Humans and there are millions of powerful races than humans and somehow Asgard also. You are safe because somehow the other races are busy invading the other civilizations right now and you have been overlooked but this may not continue forever.

At which point, everyone’s eyes turned towards Thor who was still very serious  & silent, lost in his own thoughts. Realizing that everyone is right now focusing on him only, he looked up and said “ Yup! We have to be careful” and again got silent.

At that point, Iron Man stood and asked him to explain what he really means and he stood with his shoulder down and tells them that galaxy is quite big, that it is still much unexplored and not even Asgard civilization is able to explore it. In past there has been times when Asgard has faced the threat of extinction also and it won’t be too long when more powerful civilizations would be attacking the earth also and I fears that human civilization may lose in this fight as they do have one major weakness in contrast to other civilizations.

Listening this, the Loki started laughing more loudly and everyone looked confused thinking to what weakness they are referring.

Loki again started speaking “you all are brave, you are ready to sacrifice your life for your Earth, you are intelligent”. However, still you will lose because in the end it all comes to that weakness.

At which the Hawkeye got angry and hits him straight in his face and he fell flat, when the Nick Fury comes and stops them from fighting and ask him to tell them about the weakness.

He says “The biggest weakness of the human race is it’s biggest strength, whereby at one side it gives you immense power but simultaneously it makes you weak “ and the entire human race can’t control this power and at last it would only be a question of whether that power bow to you or you bow to that power and start laughing.

Everyone in the room was really not looking in the mood to listen this shit and started rising from their seats to finish the Loki right there when Thor raised and asked them to sit and said “That weakness is sentiments and I have found that it’s somehow in Earth nature only as now I also feel a bit of culprit of it

Everyone looked astonished, as no one was expecting this weakness and on listening it they understood it’s gravity and they also understood that they really don’t have any answer to this question right now.

At which point to change the topic Nick Fury says that as for now, due to your efforts we have got the “Tesseract” back, so we are again continuing the research and this time we are increasing the security with Iron Man and captain America is also with us to protect the Tesseract.

Listening that, Thor again stood up and said that these weaknesses of human race would only make it fall and also susceptible to attack from other races.

He said “There was a reason that Tesseract doesn’t exist here on earth and it existed in Asgard because God was knowing that you still need time to protect yourself from attack from other civilizations and you need time but the moment you started researching on Tesseract. You gave a signal that you are ready to fight and to be invaded and if you again start the research than whatever protection you do impose, someone will locate the radiation waves and then they would attack Earth and may be this time, the attacking civilization would be 100x stronger than chitauri.

Nick Fury on listening this asked for his suggestion and he said I really don’t have the answer because you can hide Tesseract anywhere but someone will surely identify it location 

Everyone Felt Silent.

At which point Dr. Bruce Banner (Hulk) rises from his chair and while thinking he says “ Tesseract is a part of Asgard and if we can’t keep it with us, shouldn’t we send it back to the place from where it came from i.e. Asgard”

Nick Fury became really angry on this suggestion but then Loki states that the same reason that humans don’t see the rationality behind an idea/suggestions but the feeling’s. This is the only chance of human race to protect itself and give itself time to make itself strong and there is no other civilization except Asgard you can really rely on.

Listening this Capt. America rises from his chair and tells everyone to shut up his or her mouth and says that Tesseract is not going anywhere, as it’s safer on earth than any other place on universe as we all are here.

But then Natasha Romanoff raises and says “That would be liking putting the earth in danger while we all being aware of the it”.

“We can’t put it with other civilization without the knowledge of who would be protecting it and there is a possibility that loki may himself strikes back ” Capt. America said.

Everyone started arguing regarding what we should do with the Tesseract but it was looking like no decision is possible and Loki was ecstatic listening to the whole conversation and finding the sentiments again taking over their rationality.

I will take care of it on Asgard” said Thor and the complete room felt silent and the smile of loki turned into frown. ‘I think my time has come to leave Earth. It was due to my presence only, earth has faced these attacks and I would never like that  any other strike happens due to me and this beautiful planet get destroyed because of me . I have to go now to Asgard.

Everyone really wanted to stop Thor from leaving, as he has really given everything to protect earth and was part of Avengers but they also know that their main aim is to protect Earth irrespective of whatever sacrifice it requires.

And it got decided that Thor and Loki would leave the earth and Tesseract would remain in the custody of Thor till the time being Nick don’t advance so much that we can be sure we would be able to protect it and earth also.

Every thing was planned Thor and Loki were ready to leave and all the avengers came to say good bye to Thor, when Capt. America says ‘Thor we will miss you, but I will miss your hammer more and can you please lend it to me” and Thor hands over the hammer to him “But he crumbles under its weight” until Thor takes care of it and ask him do you still want it and everyone starting laughing.

We will be needing you Thor and would not keep you away from us for too long. Take Care of the Tesseract” says Nick

Thor and Loki Vanish into space while the Nick Fury has to attend a Call from all the senators and all the avengers go on their separate paths.

“Problems will keep coming and going but what matters most is your attitude towards that……….I will be back” Loki……Ha ha ha….


  1. Nice, nice, nice :) :)

    Pardon me, but, i found a couple of flaws in the story.
    1. Thor himself is a demi-god in the Marvel universe and Captain America shudn't have argued against his decision of taking the Tesseract.
    2. There are other civilizations also, continuously trying to explore and invade others. - eg watch Star Wars(The Empire) and Star Trek(The Romulans). Both have consistently invaded the earth. :) Romulans have been an archenemy of The Enterprise since always :)

  2. Thanks arpit!

    I do know that you are 100 times bigger fan of comics than me and you are completely correct in whatever u r written.

    In this article Captain America was not arguing with Thor decision, however he was not sure of sending the Tesseract back to a place where Loki lives without being confirmed of who would be taking care of it & once Loki said he is going along then he also supported his decision.

    Your 2nd point do strengthen the point that there r other civilizations in outer space ,which are somehow more power than our civilization and we do require time to strengthen ourselves against them(I hope i got ur point correctly)

    Thanks for reading and appreciating it arpit


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