Sunday, August 21, 2011

‘Mere jaroorte kam hain isliye maire jameer main dam hain’

From few days events were happening in such a manner, which are again and again enforcing me to write an article on this issue.

Few days back when Standard & poor(S&P) degraded the U.S. rating from AAA to AA which again put the U.S. and its economic condition  in limelight and made many economist think why U.S. is facing such an issue and what would be it’s solution.

Secondly, I came to know that India’s Investment rating is BBB- which is lowest in investment rating and if it goes further down it would be junk bonds which means that there is no future of investment in India. But, what does it all have to do with the Title…B’coz most of you must have figured out that this is a dialogue from a latest movie ‘Singhham’ and Ajay Devgan speaks this dialogue to his senior when his senior threatens him with resignation, but wait I will explain it later….

Also many people do ask me that why I have joined an NGO after completing my M.B.A. and how do I survive in this salary. Yesterday I was standing on the bus stop when one uncle inquired that do I work in I.T. sector and on listening No he took out all his anger saying that ‘U.S. Ka diwala toh nikal gaya hain..ab bas in IT park ki baari hain ..jarroorte itni barh gayi hain inki aura ab salary ke wande lag jaayenge…’ and there is a bit of truth in his talk  and then in afternoon I was

talking about the U.S. issue with my didi when she responded that her company may also face some problems in near future.

So are the trouble times really ahead of us…. and what is the solution to protect ourselves from it….

So coming back to the title and the question I raised regarding this talk and the title so if you look deep in the dialogue and with what the U.S. is facing right now you will understand the connection and that this particular dialogue from ‘Singham’ offers solution of our current problem.

Ajay Devgan was ready to face all the consequences and take the risk because he knew that if his senior also fires him he would be able to cope up.

And similarly we all have to really reduce our needs to the extend possible so that if at any point the bad news comes to you..It would surely hurt but then you would know that someway you would be able to manage.

I do know many cases where an employee keeps on working for his boss without liking his job or his boss because now he has started to spend his weekend by shopping and eating in lavish hotels and if he leaves his current job he won’t be able to afford that.

It becomes like a vicious circle whereby with the increase in salary you start to increase your expenditure and with the increase in expenditure you start demanding more salary with a hope that this cycle will keep on continuing (I also used to think like this).
But Now looking at the competitiveness among the firm and the economic condition I have to ask and pose this question to you all “what will happen if this vicious cycle breaks or reverse itself “i.e. you are out of job or your boss asks you to work with less salary”. Would you be able to reduce your expenditure?

I promise you it’s a difficult task and if you don’t believe me than just read the articles when the Lehman Bros got bankrupted and what happened to its employees.

So, take it as a suggestion or a warning whatever you like…but think about the title in your own perspective and r u ready for it?

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