Sunday, July 3, 2011

------ Delly Belly:-Vocie of new India-----

Delly belly is maverick stuff:) its like shooting shit with confidence and presenting with an elegance. Refreshing watch :)

Delly Belly is a movie for all those who really can handle the sarcasm …or I should say it’s a movie for the new generation which is able to take everything light and do consider movies only as a form of entertainment.
From the 1st scene of the movie and till the last it keeps on making you laugh but some scenes really depict a cheap comedy and it would only be digested by those who really see movies only as a means of entertainment and not as a showcase of what’s happening in the society.
If I have to tell the story in brief then I would say:-
Tashi (Imran Khan), a Delhi-based journalist living filthily with two roommates, winds up with a bunch of ‘desi’ goons chasing him and his mates after a mix-up. The three are forced to navigate the dark underbelly to survive, while encountering one situation after another and one idiosyncratic Indian after another.
Abhinav Deo has really done a great job in putting the sarcasm in an acceptable manner and also introduced lot’s of new things in Delly Belly like making 3/4th of the movie in English and showing how the common people are engaged in different sins. Though Delhi is referred to in its title, it is not the real Delhi.  Instead, it is the image of a Delhi populated by young, educated, newly ‘liberated’ urbanites. In that it is the splitting image of that young urban India anywhere perpetually churning like the stomach of a character in the film, a showcasing of this nations new neo-liberal underbelly.
Imran Khan,Vir Das and especially kunal roy has done a fabulous job in making everyone laugh & kunal roy is fun to watch irrespective of whatever he is doing.
The last scene of ‘Delly Belly’ is bound to become as iconic as the one in Mahesh Bhatt’s 1990 musical ‘Aashiqui’. If there the lovers were so embarrassed of their surroundings that they had to kiss under a coat, here the lovers who are not even girlfriend-boyfriend are so brazen and caught in the heat of the moment that the guy kisses the girl in full view, half his body hanging out a slowly moving Maruti car symbolic of old India, unconcerned whether others are looking (which they are not). If that isn’t the urban, chic, and unconcerned-about-others India that has moved away from the morality of an un-liberalized India in ‘Aashiqui’ then what is?
I don’t know how to put it :-But Delly Belly really lacks the storyline ,it doesn’t have a nice soundtrack ,it definitely don’t have any actress in it..But still go and watch this amazing movie and I can promise you that it would really take long before you can watch a movie like Delly Belly.
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