Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weather & mood

I was just feeling quite low in energy(i guess today i forget to take boost ...the secret of my energy) and i am still relieved knowing that after every dawn there's a new morning ...and after every bad experience ,something good is waiting for me...

But then somehow i started realizing whether it's due to weather ...ya b;coz whenever i feel low i found that light is quite dim..and there is no quite great movement in the atmosphere..

So i was sitting on the net..idle everyone of my friend has kept the busy tag attached to them and i don't want to disturb them..

And somehow i got a thought that why don't write a blog entry on it...may be someone else feeling low like me...and i searched about it on the net ...and what it's a fact ...there are scientific claims that we feel low due to wheather ...and we may also feel good due to weather..
But here's what i got it not only affect our mood also affect our Memory...and american scientists have also named it..winter blues(waise scientist ko kuch kaam nahi hota i guess...faltoo faltoo topics pe reserch karte rehte hain.)

But they have some good result's to produce which may be help people feeling depressed they say that whenever we feel low we should talk to friends ..or go outdoor for 20-30 min(now you all would say we know that......ya)

But i found one implication quite beneficial that is that if we stay indoor on pleasant day also then also we feel we should try to go out for half an hour atleast in a day keep our mood and memory in fresh mode....and this may also help you to improve your health...

The next time a mild day rolls around, spend a half an hour of your time Outdoor. It will benefit you in so many ways. You never would have guessed elevating your mood and your cognitive capabilities would be so simple!

So now i am going Out improve my mood and memory also....and if you are also feeling low then go out ....and keep saying "I am here to enjoy.....and nothing else"

So enjoy for prashant.......b'coz that's the only aim of this person and blog...


  1. "I am here to enjoy.....and nothing else"

  2. hey nice one.... happens wid me too at times and also wid many ppl around us..

  3. thanks for these lovely comment's and i believe that by now on we can just enjoy our life as Atul said....and never feel low right arpit..