Tuesday, April 14, 2009

newton 3rd law(contd..part 2.)

Note:- First time visitors please first read the first part of this series to enjoy it fully..You can find it in the label boys and girls

Now i came to know why i was bad in physics in my school and now also ...because i never tried to get to the depths of the topic and was always looking for what i want to look not the true picture....

I have to say Newton's law was much more complicated that i anticipated and thanks to my respectable readers that i may be able to correct some of my mistakes.. i do apologize to whole girls faternity that i was somehow biased towards boy as being a boy myself... thus i couldn't see the both sides of the coin.

In my first edition of Newton 3rd law i talked just about girls leaving boys and playing with their emotions/feeling's but i left one scenario where boys try to make love towards girls just as a timepass or to act cool between their friends...and they also play with their feeling...(what about their's action and reaction)

So on this prespective i have to say ...Newton law is valid here also ...and i in reality know some cases of these type of boys...who in end just cry for breaking someone's heart as today their's broken...and i can say it's really hard to see them then...but then it's too late for them to get the one who really loves...them

So i have to say that god has made every kind of specie on this planet and it's upto us to whom we want to search...

But in the youth age,,we couldn't make correct decision's (applicable to both boys and girls) and we may fall in love with a person which looks beutiful by outside but is damn horrondous inside...
and here's when the equation balance get's wrong ...and good people starts having problems...and sometimes they go on a wrong path..

But as per my previous article ,now i believe sometimes girls also take the complete reaction part by losing focus from their studies.., or just remembering that stupid fellow

So i would again say just chill out guys and gals , you don't have to take the whole reaction part ..,aur ha if someone leaves you it's his/her poor luck or destiny that he/she is missing the person who loves them..and we should feel sorry for them

so at last enjoy for prashant .......because we are here to enjoy and spread happiness right....

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