Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Laloo Goes To Pakistan...

Laloo becomes Prime Minister of India and goes to Pakistan to meet Zardari and discuss Kashmir issue.

After a 5-minutes closed-door meeting, Laloo comes out.

Reporters ask for a statement.

Laloo: Zardari bhai will make the announcement.”

Zardari comes out and drops a bombshell:

"Pakistan has decided to give up all claims on Kashmir."

The world is stunned. Laloo has achieved in 5 minutes what others had failed to do in 60 years!

"How did you do it, what did you promise?" the press asks.

Laloo: I got wonderful idea from the Akai company people. They give fridge free if you buy TV, cellphone free if you buy DVD player.

So, I said to Zardari bhai - "You want Kashmir, right? Take it. But you will get Bihar free with it!"

Source:-from a friend
P.S.:- Not to hurt anybody take it in a lighter mood

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  1. n pak wl gt lots of human resources with zen mind .. those r in use like hotcake ....
    btw bihar can teach pakis how to bounce back after a lng year failure .......