Friday, February 4, 2011

Those 18 days of my Life

It was a dream that started on 24th Dec from Mumbai and ended on 12th Jan in Mumbai only. I still consider it a dream because I spend those 18 days with total strangers but not at a single point I felt them as stranger and somehow I spend one of the best parts of my life with those few people and I know this only happens in Indian movies or dreams.

While I am writing this entry, I am thinking if I should tell everything to you and if I, would you believe it or not, whether you will think that I am writing just to make this entry interesting and truly speaking somehow its also difficult for me to describe everything .

I was somehow perplexed when I got the confirmation for this Yatra as I am a person who does like mingling with people but also knows the importance of being alone .I was in dilemma as what type of people I would be meeting and whether they would be able to adjust with me due to my stubborn nature on some issues (Ya! One thing was good that it was a no smoking and no drinking train. So, I don’t have to give lessons on this front to others.)

I know many people in Yatra would be amazed on knowing this side of me and many who considers me just as a bookworm would going to get amazed listening to what all I did on that Yatra.

But truly! As I have started saying it is once in a lifetime experience and believe me guys I am saying it because of those 18+1 friend whom I met on this Yatra, which really made it memorable to me.

Yes! This Yatra was also about India and its plight and it do help you understand it in a better sense and I have understood just few lessons that India is more complex than I am able to think right now of and I have to stop making excuses before starting anything, things would them self fall in place once you are determined for a job.

I really don’t know how much other gained from this Yatra but for me, the learning was immense and that was not just from the role model but also from my fellow yatris with such a diverse background and hobbies, their struggle and their interest.

One of the things which I still don’t understand was when we all knew that we don’t know each other, whether we will ever be meeting again and we still may not know the true side of each one of us but still we spend the time like we know each other very well; like we are friends from school time and this Yatra was just a platform for our reunion. I personally started used to feel alone when I used to saw someone dancing and I was away from my ‘shiela gang’ . I used to search for some beautiful girl whenever I had to find my friend Nikhil or faci Arhant. I felt bad for sunny sometimes that he was not able to do his business during this Yatra and Mukta as I told you before only If you had some small sister and I was in a position to make a decision to spend rest of my life with someone then I would be proposing her there on .

I found my little brother in the Yatra who don’t know hindi and while he is just 12 he can defeat many from age group of 20’s also, my small sister who thinks she is the most intelligent and no one can cheat her while she has just opened her eyes to this world. I do know that both of them are very intelligent and a great future is in front of them but still…

I don’t know why! I am not a person like who talks like this, cares for others, but this Yatra was somehow different .I met with a bunch of people whom I really like to have in my real life, the enjoyment I had...I would like to have it everyday…I discussion I had …I would like to do them everyday…..and the best part was the morning call…….I would also like that to happen everyday…because I know that after this Nikhil would be playing his playlist and before the song being played he will tell us which one it is going it to be…

But yes! I do know that dreams never come true and that’s the true reality with which we have to live for ever..

But still one thing is sure that it would be my most precious dream and would ever remain so… and I will try my whole strength to make it true …every bit of it...and would be requesting god for the next 18 days where I would be again with you all…Sunny,Rahul, Nikhil, Manoj, yogesh, Abhinav, anup, jaya,dhruva,mukta, krushnali ,Leena, prashant doc, Irfan, Ketan and many others.

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