Friday, April 3, 2009


i have started doing morning walk from some days...not on the same path as depicted in the picture..but one more lively...or i am doing it at 6A.m. that may be the reason it looks me...
it's great to do morning walk...i would suggest to all of you..first of all enhances our health..and frankly speaking after morning walk ,u will feel more energetic in your day's work..
and no one know u may find the first light of the sun...
today i met someone(no not a gal) but a boy....we started chatting...and somehow the topic shifted to the normal topic gals...he told me l-baji to bahut ki hain...ab health banani i asked if he has got a gf..and he just started telling me his story..that he used to wake up at 4.30 A.m. to go to her tuition which was at 6 A.m., so i asked her where is she ..
and he replied her marriage is fixed....what ?so what are u going to do......he said nothing..
maine kaha bulayege ya nahii...he said...i don't know
but i said tera jaana to banta jain and doing the dev d type is a must...he said he don't want to do it...i said ya it takes lot of gut''s do the stuff like..that
he said he has got guts...i told him that it's written on his face he can't do anything...otherwise a person who wakes at 4.30 in morning for going to meet a girl ...should have talked to her parents before her marriage is fixe...

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