Sunday, April 5, 2009

it's a tough life

i was today talking to a friend of mine ..and she was quite worried about the job scenario(i can see recession thing has affected everyone and everyone is feeling it's pinch)...i told her not to worry..but she got angry that then how would she get job a job going to come from heaven to her....she was also right in her own sphere...

we people get to tensed in so small getting a job...or a friend not talking to us...while not believing that we in reality are living a far better life than other's can think of ...and we should try to be happy in every sitution...and should always remember that after every dawn there's a new morning...
such as when today, i was reading the newspaper i found that 43 or 46 persons...(i have got two figures b'coz diff newspaper diff no...) were trying to escape the afghanistan to iraq in a container...but they couldn't and as there was no other way to escape from them they got died in the container only...there bodies were found at pakistan,where there was no one to claim for their bodies..also..which were still lying openly at a place for someone to claim...

now can u imagine what a tragedy a people die and authories tell difffrent no to diffrent newspaper..

can we just try to live a second in the shoes of those Afganisthan persons when they would be dying..they tried to free themselves from hell i.e. Afganisthan for a better life for them and their family and ended being died not as a martyr but as a unidentified person..whose bodies are lying and no is there to claim for it...

when i think about those soals i believe we are worse than them as we haven't faced a 1% of sorrow as compared to that in our life and we get tension more than them...

and it's not only with my friend or me's with think about it..and try to be happy we can all make this a happy place...and see that no other person has to leave his motherland these consequences..
we all have a responsibility...


  1. hmmm... well written, cud hv been a little better wid a little longer post... hats off, fr the start..

    seeking fr more nice posts upcoming.. :)

  2. hi..its nice to find some positive outlook in dis despair scenario.
    as i scrolled down ur blogpage..i really liked d collection of ur pics depicting the associated posts.
    a reaaly enjoyable read throught d page. i'll be waiting for ur further entries.

  3. thank dear for your lovely comment and i promise to improve my content in further posts

  4. i got various comment's including one saying that my blog is boring following these dear thought's i have started to review my blog before posting...i believe i can improve a bit and provide you with better content