Wednesday, April 8, 2009

here it comes and here it goes...

'it' would not be a correct word to be used as i am using 'it' for a human life we used to meet many people who have great personalities ..but they are with you only for few time and then leave you ...
one such incident occured with me these day's when i was attending a 3 day workshop on IBM Db2..(it;s a course on database recently created by IBM) there i met with a great instructor..who was teaching us DB2 ..and i really have to say she had a very pleasing personality...
Beside great personality her zeal & desire to teach us( ..or i should say dumb students )...was so enthusiastic that people whom i know never attend any class were also present there..,may be some due to because she was beutiful but i believe some were due to her teaching style. She was ready to answer every question put through .and putting her maximum effort to make students make best use of the opportunity available.
but as the course end ,she has to leave..i really want to learn many things from her..but life is never as you want it.. she must be really busy..and may not be free for me..
In life we all met so many people with great personality ,a pleasing smile which leave a lasting impression on us..we forget the people but we remain indebted for their smile for their valuable addition to our personality..
But can't we retain them ..we can try ..b'coz there are very few lovely people in this world..and if we can learn so much from them in such a short time won't it be better if we can know them for our whole we can consult them ..and take their advice ..whenever we require
and one more thing which is that i don't have to ever write an blog entry with a heading"here it comes and here it goes"


  1. nice concept.. and a topic to think upon.. in life we meet millions, and only a few remain in our head cells... the reason being the charm n charisma that a person holds.. such people are called friends irrespective of age..

    vaise, i wud like to know more about the beauty of ur DB2 teacher... throw some more light on it.. :)

  2. arpit ji.. if we talk about her ..than first of her smile was awesome which i noticed first..and dear her way to treat you was really touching...
    She just treated everyone equally ..great..And standing for 7 hrs continously teaching ..makes her more beutiful ..
    And you know what she was newly married as her whole hands were filled with she was also away from her husband
    isn't that a real indian women..power.....awesome!