Saturday, November 10, 2012

Do you also suffer from the same problem!

You sit on your computer to do some important work, but then suddenly you think let me check the Gmail and the Facebook (who knows! There is something important waiting for me to respond to.)

You open your Gmail account first and see that’s it the same boring old mails, no bonus or nothing (while it’s Diwali time) and only your office colleague’s are online and if you said hi to anyone of them, you know they will start their stories of  ‘right now also working late in night(or kaise lagi padi hain) & you close your Gmail account as fast as you opened.

Now, let’s move to the interesting stuff –Facebook and the top bar shows 1 new friend request, 3 new notifications and you get excited (Finally, she has send the friend request & now I see her beautiful pics and also see who is this ugly guy for whom she never gives you a single glance also.

And then you open the friend request and you find it’s a request from your young brother who is still in 7th and in no way you want him to see your pics and see your wall.

Ok, life can’t be so bad and you think of checking the notifications and there you go.. One of your girlfriend is getting married and she has send you a invite to the event & you feel, fuck! Here goes another gorgeous! God please leave one for me (or you forgot to make anyone for me this time & send this fucking Facebook to let me know about it everyday.)

Second notification:- Someone has put up a Diwali greetings with hundred’s tag along with it and now whenever someone says happy Diwali ,you are notified while u have never met this person and may never meet also. But still Happy Diwali to you also…. (At this point you wish why don’t people just have one god, so that we can have only festival and all these notifications can come in one go)

Third Notification: - One of your beautiful friend has just uploaded some new pics and you forget about your important work and decide to check them out.

1st pic: - She is looking as gorgeous as ever and you think to like the pic but 20 people have already liked it. Shit! It has been uploaded just 15 min back and it’s 11. 25 p.m., was the whole world was just waiting for her to upload the pictures.

You think no worries; you will like some shit photo of her, which no one else has liked. You check 4-8 more photographs but she is looking gorgeous in every pic (It’s definitely a true statement “Beauty is in the eye of beholder” but how the hell everyone was able to see it…(It never happens when I upload my portraits).

Then you flip some more photograps and you come across a pic of a boy kissing the girl and the whole Indian tradition comes across your eyes and you start thinking that what is happening to the whole world but after some time your senses come back and you start thinking ‘What a crap choice she has’ ‘it would have been 1000 times better if it was me…waise bhi she is not so bad’.  ‘The boy must have influenced her, she can’t do this’.

And then you keep checking the picturess till they get over and then once again you check the whole album while at the same time seeing that the likes have doubled till the last time, and then you realize that you sat on computer thinking that you have some important work to do and you in quick succession close all the tabs and try to remove her thoughts from your mind.

i.e. to come back and check your email account after 15 min and then thinking ‘Chalo facebook bhi check kar lete hain, kya baat is baar uski friend request aa jaye’.

Fuck up my Indian thinking, my thoughts and this fucking Facebook notification but one thing is really sure she really is more than her beautiful face and that pic would have been thousand times better if she was with me. But then, we are not living in the ideal world and in this world only the monkeys are eating all the apples.

Disclaimer: - I was not drunk when I was writing this article and also this article is not the depiction of my frustration (May be just a concern for that sweet girl).

Hey! Also it’s not that it’s only boys who face this situation, I do know that girls also stalk boys profiles.

Hey! I have to go …May be there is something interesting notification or that girl has switched to single (This facebook just keep me on my toes every moment)

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